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What We Do

Save the Children in Poland

On 24 February 2022, the lives of 7.5 million children from Ukraine changed forever. The war in Ukraine triggered the largest and fastest refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War. Over one year on, it continues to have a devastating impact on children in Ukraine and across Europe.

Save the Children Poland has been responding to the needs of children and families from Ukraine since 27 February 2022. As a new organization in Poland with no previous presence, Save the Children set up its operations in Poland and was successfully registered as a Polish foundation in April 2022. Our Country Office is in Warsaw, and we have a local office in Kraków. We have been delivering activities and implementing programmes across Poland, and we work together in partnership with eight local NGOs. Our team keeps growing, and as of August2023, we have around 50 team members.

Our work in Poland

In Poland, Save the Children has been working to provide humanitarian aid and essential services, such as education, child protection, child—friendly mental health and psycho-social support, as well as cash transfers for essential needs, to children and families who fled Ukraine.

Thanks to our supporters and partners, we have made a difference in the lives of more than 118,700 people, including over 97,400 children.

Learn more about our work and our partners in Poland below.

Save the Children in Poland