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13 February 2024 - News

Empowering Children's Voices: A Meeting with Deputy Child Rights Ombudsman Mr. Adam Chmura

In the pursuit of advocating for children's rights and ensuring their voices are heard, Save the Children Poland recently had the honour of hosting a significant meeting with Deputy Child Rights Ombudsman, Mr. Adam Chmura. This occasion provided a platform to discuss critical issues affecting children in Poland and collaborate on strategies to promote their well-being and protection.  

During the discussions, various topicspertaining to children's rights were explored, ranging from Ukrainian children in institutional care, access to education to the situation of minors on the Polish-Belarusian border and in detention centers. Mr. Chmura shared insights gleaned from his experiences in advocating for children's rights, especially within the scope of migration policies, and highlighted emerging challenges that require concerted efforts to address effectively. 

One of the focal points of the meeting was the importance of amplifying children's voices and ensuring they are actively involved in decisions that affect their lives. Mr. Chmura emphasized the significance of listening to children, valuing their perspectives, and empowering them to participate in matters that impact their rights and well-being. Save the Children Poland reaffirmed its commitment to promoting child participation initiatives and facilitating platforms where children can express their views freely. 

Moreover, discussions delved into strategies for enhancing child protection mechanisms and strengthening support systems for vulnerable children, including those with disabilities and affected by poverty or violence. Mr. Chmura underscored the need for comprehensive policies and interventions that prioritize children's safety and dignity. 

As the meeting concluded, both parties expressed their shared commitment to advancing children's rights and pledged to collaborate closely in advocating for policy reforms and raising awareness. Save the Children Poland reiterated its readiness to work alongside Mr. Chmura and other stakeholders to create a more inclusive and nurturing environment where every child can thrive.